Weddings, Baptisms & Funerals


Congratulations on your engagement! If you live in one of our parishes, or have a family connection to one of them, you will probably be able to get married in one of our churches. For divorcees we also offer a Service of Prayer and Dedication following a civil marriage service.

Both types of service take place after some prior marriage preparation. All enquiries about marriages should be directed to our Benefice Administrator, Liz Clarke.

Email: or telephone: 07425 868855.

Baptism and Confirmations

Baptism and Confirmation are significant steps of personal commitment, whether you are parents wishing to bring your child up in the Christian faith, or whether you want to publicly declare your own faith in Jesus Christ for the first time.

Baptisms take place during our regular Sunday services, following some previous baptism preparation.

Confirmation Services take place when needed following confirmation classes. All enquiries about baptisms or confirmations should be directed to Ben Dyson.

Ben Dyson can be contacted by email: or telephone: 01608 628229.


The death of a loved one is a very painful time. Yet even in the midst of such darkness, the risen Jesus offers us hope. If you would like to arrange a Christian funeral or burial in one of our churches, or a service at a local crematorium, please first engage a funeral director before making contact with Ben Dyson.

If you would like to place a headstone or other memorial on an existing grave or ashes plot in one of our churchyards, please contact a memorial mason who will advise you. Please note that the Diocese of Coventry has regulations regarding the kinds of memorials that are permitted in churchyards, a summary of which is at this link .